The House of Wittelsbach has been part of the large European dynasties over the last 800 years.

As Dukes, Electors, Royal Bishops, Count Palatines, Kings and Emperor the Wittelsbacher ruled longer than the Staufer, the Habsburg or the Hohenzollern.

As patrons of the arts they promoted and created numerous important works of art.

More than ever the rich cultural inheritance of the Wittelsbacher as it presents itself primarily in their Bavarian residences and palaces finds the interest of a broad public today.

Of course today the Wittelsbacher take part in the modern life, too.

The members of the family commit themselves to society, economy, and art. They work with enthusiasm for the future of mankind. Therefore traditions are kept and cultivated in the House of Wittelsbach.

This includes the medieval "clock present" - the solemn act of presenting a watch. Such a watch obtains its fascination more from the special moment of the handing over than its use as a timepiece.

The sense of a special moment in receiving something outstanding remains.

Particularly King Ludwig II of Bavaria, knew the special value of the watch however. He knew about the character of a personal recognition and thanks as well as a proof of his feeling for art, technology and innovation.

Altogether, the King ordered 214 pocket watches and 86 clocks which were used as presents or as ornaments in his palaces.

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