Prinz Wolfgang PW101

His Royal Highness Prinz Wolfgang von Bayern's timepiece model PW101 is manufactured in the tradition of the heirloom timepieces of the Bavarian rulers and kings.

The timepiece model PW101 is manufactured in a limited edition of 10 timepieces only. The client may opt for modifications of the choice materials used, the decor of the timepiece or the watch strap.

Possible modifications would be the use of diamonds on dial, strap or bezel as well as cases in platinum or white gold and monograms and engravings.

Based on the principles defined by the outstanding watchmakers of the past, manufactured with the utmost precision and completed with a vision of perfection the model PW101 is truly one of the most beautiful timepieces of present day – a masterpiece in finish as well as aesthetics.

Please download the PDF data file for the technical specifications.

Data sheet in PDF

The watch book of mechanic time-instruments

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