The fine art of watchmaking has been en vogue for the last years - as a flattering accessory, secure asset or desirable collectible.

The longing for the outstanding has increased in times of mass production.

With growing standards of living the desire for the extraordinary can be fulfilled by more and more people.

This development is the motivation for me to manufacture special watches for a circle of connaisseur. These specialists have a delicate taste and a sense of exclusiveness.

Mass market products are not the first choice of their lifestyle. Following a high standard of exclusiveness every model is manufactured in a limited edition.

Discover this awareness of lifestyle in a fascinating combination of culture and adventure in the heart of Bavaria.

Dive into a world which has been the perfect example for brilliance, beauty and luxury for centuries. With passionate dedication to Bavaria - with passionate dedication to the exceptional.


The watch book of mechanic time-instruments

Order the exclusiv watch book of mechanic time-instruments including a lot of information and backgrounds on this extraordinary chronometers.

The fee for the watch book is 49 €.